Order A Certificate Of Origin

  • What Is A Certificate of Origin?

    A Certificate of Origin is a document attesting that goods in a particular export shipment are wholly obtained or produced or manufactured or processed in a particular country (country of origin). Virtually every country in the world considers the origin of imported goods when determining what duty will be assessed on the goods or, in some cases, whether the goods may be legally imported at all.

  • When is A Certificate of Origin Required?

    Certificates of Origin are intended solely to prove the origin of goods in order to satisfy customs or trade requirements. Certificates of Origin should only be issued when they are actually needed, for example, in the following circumstances:

    • To meet customs requirements in the importing state
    • The customer/buyer/importer (consignee) requires it
    • To meet ‘quota’ or statistical requirements imposed by the importing country
    • To comply with the banking or trade finance requirements / letters of credit
  • What Are The Main Forms of a Certificate of Origin 

    1. European Certificate of Origin
    2. Arab-Irish Certificate of Origin

    Companies can now apply for Certificates of Origin online via www.tradecert.com. This allows companies to make considerable savings in both time and resources. Please contact your local Chamber to learn how to register for the service.

Order a Certificate of Origin

To enquire about a Certificate of Origin for your business please contact the Chamber.