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Robert Moloney, Selling Solutions

Robert Moloney, Selling Solutions

I help you win at bullshit bingo…..
We help businesses get more business!

• You know the story about giving a man a fish or teach him to fish?

o Well, I teach owner Managers how to fish.
o By showing you
o how YOU develop, manage and market your business online,
 your digital blueprint,
 how to take away the anxiety of struggling to project ONLINE who they really are!

• The area we work in is in DIY!
o We teach you how to do it yourself!
 To plan it and spend WHAT YOU want,
 when YOU want to.
o Our niche is educating your gut feeling.

Owner Managers always ask us for
• Direction and
• Costings

The Model, the system, the direction, addresses
1. Branding
2. Marketing
3. Digital Marketing
4. Implementation
5. Funding

Phases and Costings:
1. Start-up phase
2. Implementation phase
a. Monthly
b. Retainer
c. Bonus

Next step?
• Free, no obligation, not going to try to sell you anything (but some insist!) 30 minute strategy call, a structured approach to getting you into action right NOW.

When you need someone your side of the table to interpret, plan and help you implement Digital Marketing and web design.


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