Equality, Diversity, Inclusion for improving the quality of Management Education, Training and Professions.

EDIFY EDU is an EU-funded Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Project in conjunction with 12 European partners. The project officially launched on the 12th October 2022 and will run until August 2025. The project is led by the IADT.

EDIFY EDU aims to address the skills gap in the Business Management education sector with regards to competencies on workplace equality, diversity and inclusion, which are more and more needed in a complex and fluid society. The project will facilitate the acquisition of EDI competencies and transversal skills for management students and managers in business (in particular targeting medium sized companies), in order to respond to the societal transformation by setting up a system for skill assessment, learning offer and validation and recognition.

EDIFY EDU will create new knowledge and understanding of the current situation and practices in EDI business management education across different European partner countries. It will provide an innovative methodology to be used in future actions to map equality, diversity and inclusion in business management education. It will also provide the actors in business management education with tools to change and develop their current practices, by providing research-based insights and best practices in equality, diversity and inclusion in business management education.

In the EDIFY EDU project there are 12 research and project organisations from Ireland, Italy, Austria, Greece, Germany and Finland.