As part of the EDIFY EDU project, IADT along with the DLR Chamber of Commerce conducted 6 video interviews to gain a deeper understanding of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), in the workplace, and the difficulties encountered specifically in implementing the EDI principles.      The following video is of Kate Canning, the Artistic Director and CEO of the The Mill Theatre in Dundrum, successfully leading the organisation for the past 7 years. Kate is also a valued member of the DLR chamber. Kate received her Master’s Degree in Drama and Theatre Studies from D.C.U. The Mill is a mid-sized theatre which presents over 400 productions every year.The Mill Theatre had the opportunity during covid to evaluate the placement and implementation of EDI within the organisation. The Mill has taken steps to introduce gender equality policies and a code of behaviour policy to ensure a more inclusive environment for all. These policies must be signed by all board members, staff, and freelancers, stepping further towards eradicating any unfavourable behaviour and promoting inclusivity within the organisation.Kate is actively improving her leadership skills and promoting EDI by having regular meetings and listening to staff, patrons, and the wider community, discussing how they might improve their policies and practices. The Mill fosters a very inclusive environment, striving to represent the demographic of the community on stage. At present, The Mill’s youth theatre are producing a show with characters who have autism, played by people who have autism who see autism as a superpower. This is a fantastic way to promote inclusivity and celebrate diversity.