Every day, your employees handle personal data and are the cause of 80% of data breaches.
Chambers Ireland have now partnered with Olive Media (GDPRcourse.com) to bring to you an easy and cost-effective solution to your compliance challenge.
The course outlines the steps needed in order to ensure your business is in compliance with the regulations.
Course cost is €35 per person
To begin your GDPR compliance solution please just simply clink on this link which will take you to a registration and payment page.
You will then be sent a link to begin your training.
You can also offer this service to your members and Chambers will receive an 8% commission on every member’s employee that uses the training. Chambers will have their own system to track the usage by members, illustrated in the link above. Please let me know that you will be making this service available to members and we can talk you through the service.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact james.kiernan@chambers.ie

  1. Department of Business, Enterprise & Innovation – Brexit Preparedness Notices

Efforts are currently underway to reach an agreement to ensure the withdrawal of the UK from the EU occurs with minimum disruption and to put in place a framework for a future relationship which will enable the closest possible EU-UK relationship post Brexit.
However, the UK’s notification of its intention to withdraw from the EU has created significant uncertainties. The European Commission has therefore sought to clarify what the situation will be for a number of business sectors in the event that no agreement is reached to mitigate the impacts of the UK’s withdrawal.
Notices have been issued in respect of industrial products, company law, trademarks, auditing and import and export licenses as well as a range of other areas. A list of the notices published to date are available to view on the Commission’s website at the following link: European Commission Brexit Preparedness
The Department of Business, Enterprise & Innovation (DBEI) is encouraging firms to review these notices and consider relevant actions that may be required to mitigate any potential negative impacts that may arise for them in terms of Brexit.
If you have any queries regarding these Brexit Preparedness Notices or the industrial sector which your business operates in, with regards to preparing for Brexit, please contact our EU & International Affairs Manager Emma Kerins, via her email address: Emma.Kerins@chambers.ie

  1. Message from the Lithuanian Ambassador to Ireland

Following a meeting between Chambers Ireland Chief Executive Ian Talbot and the Ambassador of Lithuania to Ireland, Egidijus Meilunas, the Ambassador has provided us with a message to share with the network highlighting the opportunities of Lithuania’s different industries as well as the potential of Lithuania’s economy.
Please find below a series of links providing a sector by sector overview of Lithuania’s industries as well as an economic outlook for the country:
Lasers industry:http://www.ltoptics.org/uploads/documents/Laser%20Technologies%20in%20Lithuania.%202017.pdf
Life sciences biotechnology:https://www.flandersinvestmentandtrade.com/export/sites/trade/files/market_studies/Life%20science%20and%20biotech%20industry_Lituania_2016.pdf
Global business services: https://investlithuania.com/key-sectors/gbs/
Construction:https://www.construction21.org/articles/h/insight-into-construction-in-lithuania-by-the-european-construction-sector-observatory.html; https://www.enterpriselithuania.com/uploads/media/5731dc9896cb4/Construction.pdf
Economic outlook 2017-2020:

  1. Taking Care of Business 2018 – 25 September, Radisson Blu Hotel, Limerick

An initiative of the Government of Ireland, and run by Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation in conjunction with the Health and Safety Authority and the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, Taking Care of Business will bring together more than 25 State bodies, agencies and units for a half-day event aimed at benefitting people considering starting a business as well as SME owners and managers. In the context of Brexit, it is also an opportunity for businesses to seek advice from a range of experts on how to diversify and expand into new markets.
The State offices and agencies represented will provide information across a wide range of areas, including:

  • Tax, employment, and Health & Safety obligations;
  • Legal requirements for setting up and running a business;
  • Requirements in areas such as food and environmental safety;

To register for the event and for more details including the running order of presentations and the full list of State Bodies attending, please visit www.takingcareofbusiness.ie
Please find attached a document providing further information on the event.

  1. European Parliament of Enterprises 2018

The European Parliament of Enterprises (EPE), hosted by Eurochambres every two years, is scheduled to take place in the European Parliament in Brussels on Wednesday, the 10th of October 2018.
More information on the event will be circulated in the coming months.
If you have any questions about the event, please contact emma.kerins@chambers.ie