Online safety induction for all employees returning to work In the restaurant and hospitality sector under the Covid-19 restrictions.

Under the Covid 19 back to work restrictions employers have a duty to ensure staff are familiar with and understand the guidelines in effect for returning to work safely. The CSI Programme presents these clearly to all staff members, conducts a question and answer test and provides employees with a digital certificate on completion of the modules.

All of the content is written by professionals who are members of the Environmental Health Association of Ireland, and covers all of the guidance available from the HSE, HSA and the NSAI.

The Induction is charged at a NOMINAL €5 per employee.

The employee Induction modules included are;

  • Introduction
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Respiratory Hygiene
  • Physical Distancing
  • Correct Use of PPE
  • Cleaning and workplace hygiene
  • What if I develop Covid-19 symptoms at home?
  • What if I develop Covid-19 symptoms at work?
  • Contact Tracing Procedures
  • What if I have travelled from Abroad

Next are modules on specific job categories at the end of the compulsory modules as well, which can aid communication between staff as they will understand what other people they work with need to do as well.

Users then need to pass a 10 question test, and when successful download a safe pass which can be saved to their phone, in the same way as an airline boarding pass.

In addition they can fill in their return to work form, which is a mandatory requirement for all employees and employers.

It’s all at and is safe, affordable and efficient. To register go to