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Dear Member,

I want to draw to your attention an update we received from DEASP last night on Guidance from Revenue as to the operation of a refund scheme for the employers.

In particular, I would draw your attention to the following. Earlier guidance from various Departments had alluded to the possibility that employers who were paying full wages, or top ups beyond the 203euro, would be eligible for the refund According to latest info note from Revenue, this will not be the case.

Please let me know if your members have queries or concerns. We’ll be feeding these through to Ministers, DEASP etc.

What if the employer is paying full wages to their team, despite the business being affected by Covid-19? Can they still get a rebate for the €203?
The Covid Employer Refund Scheme only applies to staff who have actually been let go and would otherwise be claiming a jobseekers payment from Intreo i.e. where no wage payment is being made.


Keep safe & well,

Gabby Mallon, CEO