ISME Backing Business – Embracing Change Business Growth Programme

The business landscape is facing significant shifts and constant change is the context for business growth. ISME is delighted to now seek expressions of interest for this new Backing Business – Embracing Change Business Growth Programme.

For a minimal fee, you will work with two acclaimed ISME trainers (Simon Haigh and Jason Cooper) and business advisors who will, over 12 x 1.5 hour online sessions guide you to invest in your personal and professional journey so you are best placed to succeed. Each participant will receive full course material, work-books, e-books and the opportunity of ongoing coaching.

Learning Objectives:
Step 1 – Personal/Professional Development Plan
Step 2 – Develop your plan
Step 3 – Create value by serving others
Step 4 – Add value back into your business growth
For full course details, please click HERE.

Dates and Times:
Commencing September, through to December 2020
Seeking Expressions of Interest at this stage

The more people attending this programme, the cheaper it will be:
10 learners @ €200 p/p
20 learners @ €100
25 @ €85 etc


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