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Robert Moloney
Digital Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Web Design with a Sales Focus
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Dublin 16
Shortly to be launching“Most Irish SMEs, however, are unwittingly making their websites hard to find. Unless a customer is searching for a specific business in a specific area, an SME is unlikely to be found.” – iedr.I fix that!What I do is bring the gift of free time!  Well eventually.  If you had more sales, more cash in the door, would that help?  If you had a sales team working 24 hours a day finding people who are looking for a business like yours, how important would that be? You are the best salesman in your business, how would it be if you were only talking to the most important prospects?  Imagine a sales team working to bring you leads 24 hours a day, maybe even closing them and having prospects buy from your online shop? How about a system that gets in touch with those clients that you keep meaning to call, to get a re order? How important would that be to you?

“The disconnect between consumers’ digital demands and SMEs’ lack of ability or desire to meet them looks all the stranger when we examine SMEs’ own online activities.  In a business context, SMEs, like consumers, make full use of digital and online technology: 79% use online banking, 75% make payments online, and 68% order from their suppliers online. Many will have discovered these suppliers and services through a search engine or a digital marketing campaign.” -iedr

I fix that.   SEO Originator brings you more return for the same effort online!

I accidentally became a salesman in 1988, so I help get YOU online, your personality, the things that make you different! We sort out the website, we keep it live and vibrant, we help Google understand why you are the best to deal with and we create online shops.  We help you sell, we create and manage your online personality while you enjoy the benefits of more sales.

Our target business may have a higher turnover than you, so you have nothing to lose having a coffee? Why not give me a call? 0862525665

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