Programme Benefits

  • Save Resources & Money: The programme will provide trainees with the knowledge and skills to identify and deliver verified sustainable and related resource efficiency savings in their organisations.
  • Fully Funded: This programme is funded by Skillnet Ireland.
    Protect the Environment: Trainees will learn the key principles of sustainability resource management and the actions that are required to improve their organisations environmental performance and credentials.
  • Learn from Leaders: This innovative programme has been developed with the support of leading sustainability experts.

Learning Experience

The Sustainability Leaders Programme that consists of live mentoring and support workshops focussed on providing real world industry examples and peer to peer learning opportunities.

Workshop Webinars

  1. Workshop 1 – Part 1: Introduction to Sustainability Leadership,
    Part 2: Understanding the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs)
  2. Workshop 2 – Identifying Your Sustainability Priorities
  3. Workshop 3 – Defining Your Sustainability Goals
  4. Workshop 4 – Integrating Sustainability into Your Way of Doing Business
  5. Workshop 5 – Reporting Out

Sustainability Charter

All participants will prepare a Sustainability charter for their facility. The charter will capture the business case for action.

Who is this programme for?

The Sustainability Leaders programme is aimed at those responsible for Sustainability management within their company. The programme has the dual target of developing trainee skills at an individual level and delivering tangible impacts at organisation level.

This programme aims to facilitate professionals working in businesses across all sectors to implement Sustainability management. Upon the successful completion of this training programme, participants will have the skills and knowledge to:

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